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Enhance your awesome community with ease using forumify. An open source forum platform that challenges your creativity.

* forumify is still under active development but is ready to be used by communities. Follow our devlogs and release notes for more information, or join our discord to engage with the developers and shape the future of this platform.

Forge meaningful connections and Vibrant Conversations.

forumify is designed to foster connections, spark discussions, and create a vibrant hub where members can share their thoughts and expertise. With intuitive features like gamification elements, multimedia integration, and real-time notifications, forumify empowers your community to come alive like never before.

Multimedia Sharing

Enrich conversations by seamlessly sharing images, videos, and more, making discussions visually captivating.

Interactive Gamification

Reward active participation with badges, likes, and reputation points, turning engagement into an enjoyable experience.

Instant Notifications

Keep members in the loop with instant alerts about new posts, replies, and mentions, ensuring they never miss out on the action.

Expand functionality with Community Plugins.

Unlock the true potential of your community with forumify's plugin marketplace. Seeking an exquisite prebuilt theme to breathe new life into your community's aesthetics, or require seamless integration with a third-party website?

We empower developers by providing extensive documentation so they can enhance your community's functionality and uniqueness. Our Marketplace is the hub where innovation and collaboration meet, allowing developers to showcase their expertise and members to access a treasure trove of enhancements.